Academy of Accomplished Teaching in Math and Science
Houston Independent School District, Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

A2TeaMS Interim Program Report_0309.pdf Outlines the program data for year one through March of 2009.
Information Documents presented at Regional Superintendents' Meeting, April 15, 2009 and at Regional Offices.

The purpose of the Academy of Accomplished Teaching in Math and Science (A2TeaMS) is to provide ongoing professional development in content, research-based pedagogy and leadership in the areas of math and science paired with coaching for teams of secondary teachers, thereby strengthening the academic program at each participating school.

Program Goals
It is the goal of the Academy of Accomplished Teaching in Math and Science to:
  • Create a learning organization which provides a coordinated, systematic, district wide opportunity for consistent on-going math/science professional development on a large scale.
  • Increase math and science content and pedagogy knowledge of participating teachers as evidenced by rigorous, inquiry-based lessons aligned with the district curriculum which include natural math-science connections.
  • Increase student achievement in math and science with a focus on student college readiness scores.
  • Make the written curriculum the taught curriculum.
  • Increase administrators’ knowledge of and ability to assess and support best practices in math and science.

Program Design
The A2TeaMS will develop teams of math and science teachers working together to develop their knowledge of content and research-based pedagogy, thereby strengthening the academic program at each participating school. The A2TeaMS is designed so that each teacher is involved for three consecutive years: year one focuses on content and pedagogy; year two focuses on making math-science connections and increasing leadership skills; and year three focuses on analyzing practice through action research.

The Academy will give teachers a theoretical understanding of concepts and pedagogy, followed by multiple demonstrations, and the opportunity to practice new skills with additional support long enough to integrate these into their repertoire. A2TeaMS teachers are encouraged to use the methods modeled in the professional development sessions immediately and frequently. Teachers will be organized into study teams for sharing, observation and coaching to support them in the implementation of best practices.

Teachers participate in professional development in the summer, followed by one full day workshop and a two-hour after school session each month of the school year, and two Saturday sessions (to total 140 hours per year). In addition to coordinating professional development, A2TeaMS staff will provide Academy teachers with support in the implementation of best practices through on site coaching.

By the third year of the program, each participating school will have a team of six teachers in the A2TeaMS, consisting of a math and science teacher at each grade level.